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Oregon residents get to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Mr. Shine is proud to make your view a great one - whether you’re indoors or outside - with our professional window cleaning solutions.

Solutions for Streaky Windows

Are smudges, streaks, and stains disrupting your windows? It’s a common issue in the Pacific Northwest.

Unpredictable weather can make a big impact. The quick transition of rain to sun, of windy to wonderful weather, means that your panes are constantly barraged with the elements. Dirt, pollen, mold, and other buildup doesn’t just hurt the view. It hurts your windows.

Clients come to us for a window cleaning for a variety of reasons. But nearly all of them comes back to two core issues: Their curb appeal is hurting, and the quality of their windows is suffering.

Dirty windows can trigger a whole host of issues for your entire property. We provide clients with services that will:

      Improve your property’s first impression

      Stretch the longevity of your window system

      Prevent the spread of mold, mildew, and other bacteria

      Enhance ambience inside and out

Dirty windows aren’t a pretty issue. But with specialist care, the experts at Mr. Shine can resolve the issue.

Your Portland Window Cleaner

We expand the possibilities of your windows. Every member of the Mr. Shine team has called the Portland area home for longer than we can remember - and we know what its properties are up against. Our professionals clean, restore, and prepare your windows for success.

Every window cleaning service starts with an inspection. This lets our technicians see what unique issues your property is dealing with, and it helps us determine the best way to deliver a cleaning solution to your windows.

We provide two service options:

      Exterior window cleaning

      Interior and exterior window cleaning

Our team also provides the following add-on options, where safety procedures allow:

      Mirror cleaning

      Chandelier cleaning

      French pane door cleaning

      Skylight cleaning

With the best cleaners and tools behind us, the Mr. Shine team guarantees a streak-free result for every pane. We care about the details, so you’ll always get benefits that include:

      Spotless panes

      Screen cleaning

      Track, grid, and frame cleaning

Mr. Shine strives for ‘spotless.’ With expert service standing behind us, we can always bring beautiful windows to your property.

A Window Cleaning Service to Celebrate

Simplicity. When we think about the service that our clients deserve, this word is top of mind. Exceptional results shouldn’t be complicated -- and the pathway to getting those results shouldn’t be, either.

Our window cleaning team takes pride in bringing the best service to our customers. When you trust our technicians with your panes, you’re getting:

      Proven-effective service that delivers long-term quality.

      Safety procedures that protect our staff and your property.

      Environmental responsibility using cleaners, equipment, and approaches that are safe for the planet.

      Streak free results every single time.

We care about quality. This is why Mr. Shine will only ever deliver superior results to your windows. There simply isn’t any alternative - and we are proud to be a reliable resource for our customers, day in and day out!

Window Cleaning Benefits Across the Board

Clean windows aren’t just about the spotless panes. When you invest in a professional window cleaning service from Mr. Shine, you’re getting perks such as:

      Better interior ambience that promotes happier, more productive, and more rested people. The benefits of natural light are supported by concrete evidence, and the research is fascinating!

      Lower energy bills since you don’t have to rely on artificial lighting. It’s an EPA-recommended way to save money!

      Longer window quality since your windows can resist mold, mildew, and rot.

      Curb appeal that elevates the aesthetic of your entire home


We care about a better future for your windows. Get the best view in Portland thanks to the window cleaning expertise of Mr. Shine!


  • Cleaning of french-pane doors
  • Cleaning of skylights (IF SAFELY ACCESSIBLE): Interior and exterior or outside only
  • Cleaning of chandeliers (IF SAFELY ACCESSIBLE)
  • Cleaning of mirrors
  • French panes are extra, please fill out the form below if your home has French windows

  • 15% up-charge if any part of the home has windows that are 3 stories tall

  • If you only have selected windows you want cleaned, please use the form below and we will adjust the quote to the correct pricing

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