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Roof Soft Washing

Oregon is beautiful, lush, and green - but there’s a place for everything, and it doesn’t belong on your roof. Mr. Shine brings roof cleaning services to your home that leave the green in your landscaping… And not on your shingles.

Your Roof, Oregon Climate, and Your Wallet

Things love to grow in Oregon. The mild, moist weather offers up a condition where living matter like moss, mildew, algae, and mold thrive… And the result ends up on your roofing. Unfortunately, while these things grow on your shingles, your roof suffers.

Most shingles are made up of cellulose fibers coated with asphalt and mineral granules. Moss, algae, and bacteria love this particulate matter - and as they feed on it, your shingles begin to lose their quality. When a roof that isn’t regularly maintained, you get:

  •  Poor Curb Appeal

Your roof might not be the main event of your property - but it has a major influence on the first impression that your home projects. Dirty shingles affect curb appeal all around.

  • Reduced Energy Efficiency

Save your bills from the impact of a bad roof! When moss, algae, and bacteria deteriorate your shingles, they can no longer deflect heat. This means that your home will heat up… And your air conditioner will have to work overtime to offset it.

  • A Short-Lived Roof

Dirty roofs don’t last. You’ll need to budget more money for repairs and inconveniences. The alternative: A regularly cleaned roof lasts an average of ten years longer than one that is not.

It’s time to protect your roof… And your home. Mr. Shine will make it happen!

Soft Washing is the New Pressure Washing

Mr. Shine uses our expertise to revitalize your roofing. We use an approach called soft washing to get the job done. After applying cleaner to your roof, our specialized equipment uses low pressure - it’s comparable to the force you might get from a garden hose - to safely rinse the area. With our technology, you’ll get all of the benefits of a pressure washing service without the pressure.

All of our cleaners are specially developed to remove moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, fungus, dirt, and any other matter that finds its way onto your roofing.

We use:

 Cleaning products that kill mold, lichen, fungus, and bacterial growth at the core

 Soft washing to clean your shingles safely, carefully, and exceptionally

We DON’T use:

●Pressure washing, which damages your shingles (we use soft washing instead!)

Every roof is different - from the size to the pitch to the level of wear and tear. We take all of the factors that make your roofing unique into consideration, and we develop a cleaning strategy around it.

Your Oregon Roof Cleaning Experts

Mr. Shine brings that family-owned attitude and blends it with exceptional service for every roof cleaning service. We care about creating long-term relationships built on trust and transparency - and with a long list of happy repeat customers, our commitment shows!

We know that you have a choice to make when you trust Mr. Shine for your property. We earn your loyalty with:

●Friendly, honest service built around your needs

●100% dedication to your satisfaction

●Superior quality, from our soft washing equipment to our cleaners

●Technicians who care about you and your property

A Clean Roof: From Property Value to Insurance Policies

We love debuting the “after” of any roof cleaning service to our customers. Our soft wash solution has a way of elevating the entire property - and you can tell the difference at first glance.

Better Curb Appeal and Property Value: Realtors would agree. When a home is about to go on the market, most brokers recommend a cleaning service to spruce up the first impression from the get-go. It can boost the sale price by a significant amount and provide buyers that they won’t be faced with a big roof replacement project when they move in.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: But a clean roof can also protect your home insurance policy. Many companies will cancel or adjust coverage based on the state of your shingles, as it’s an indicator of future roof performance. A clean roof, on the other hand, checks off all the boxes: Your property is well-maintained, safe, and healthy for everyone who calls it home.

Quality Health: When your roof is regularly cleaned, mold won’t sneak into your interior from the top down. The EPA pinpoints mold as a significant threat to human health, as it triggers everything from respiratory issues to dermatitis. We remove mold from the source so it won’t become a problem indoors.

Clean roof? Check. Beautiful state? Check. Mr. Shine is proud to make your own little slice of Oregon a beautiful one!

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