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Pressure Washing

Tap into the complete potential of your property - and let Mr. Shine unlock its capability for quality and curb appeal. We’re proud to serve businesses and homes in the greater Portland area with a full suite of pressure washing solutions.

Expertise Where You Need It Most

We aren’t a stranger to Oregon weather. It’s unpredictability is part of the charm: One moment, it’s beautiful and sunny, the next we’ve got rain and fog. The erratic climatic conditions are especially hard on our properties.

Without maintenance, businesses and homes are affected by significant wear and tear. This can affect everything from your building exterior to your fence, and it can trigger a serious hit to your curb appeal. Our clients come to us hoping to improve:

      Curb appeal
Mold, algae, and mildew are responsible for most of the eyesores on your property. As they grow, they create dark stains that stand in stark contrast to your otherwise clean-cut business or home.

      Long-lasting quality
Buildup doesn’t just hurt your first impression… It impacts your longevity, too. We provide service that removes spore and bacterial growth to protect the quality of your property.

      Property value
When aspects of your property degrades, its values plummets along with it. Our job is to prevent these negative aspects from hurting your home or business.

Property wear and tear is inevitable. But with service from Mr. Shine, you can enjoy the best in lasting quality from your space!

Your Pressure Washing Specialists

Our experts are proud to meet the intersecting needs of your property. We are a reliable source for property managers, homeowners, and business owners alike who want maintenance they can trust… And results they can count on.

All of our pressure washing work integrates top-tier methods and technology to get your property the best quality. We provide:

      Biodegradable cleaners that are EPA compliant and safe for your family, your pets, your property, and your landscaping.

      Pressure washing and soft washing technology that we carefully tailor to your property’s needs.

      Technician expertise that gives your property the most high-level service in the greater Portland area.

Properties are nuanced. We design our pressure washing service to bring our customers long-term quality and customized results. Turn to our experts for:

      Exterior washing
Our team customizes our cleaning approach to make it safe for all exterior types, including vinyl, wood, cedar shake, stucco, and more

      Concrete cleaning and hardscape cleaning
We restore walkways, sidewalks, driveways, steps, decks, entryways, and more

      Fence cleaning
We use pressure washing or soft washing to restore the shine, quality, and longevity to your fence

      Gutter exteriors
We erase months of exposure from your gutter face to maintain that clean and shiny aesthetic for your property.

With attention to quality and industry-approved expertise, the Mr. Shine team is proud to bring a better pressure washing solution to your property.

Expert Care for Your Property

We appreciate the some clients prefer to have several projects completed in one run. Our complimentary on-site consultations are a helpful way to provide you with clarity around pricing before we schedule work. Inland Pro Wash provides:

      Top technology
All of our equipment and pressure washing methods are top of the line. We know firsthand what a difference it can make to integrate advanced techniques - and we bring these to you.

      Environmental responsibility
Our team uses earth-friendly cleaners that are biodegradable, planet-safe, and EPA compliant.

      Expert service
Our customers deserve the best. That’s why all of our technicians are trained, experienced, and equipped to bring top tier service to you.

‘Average’ and your property just don’t mix. We make ‘above and beyond’ the normal expectation for pressure washing success.

The Value of Pressure Washing

For the Mr. Shine team, pressure washing isn’t just about maintenance. It’s about creating a safe, welcoming property that can hold its value for the long term.

Whether you’re managing a property, holding a successful business, or simply enjoying home sweet home, pressure washing is the difference between a well-maintained property and a struggling one. We offer the expertise to help your home or business succeed in the long term.

Pressure washing success is a quick phone call away. Get your Oregon-central solution today from the experts at Mr. Shine!

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