Safe and Effective Gutter Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

With the amount of rain that we get here in the Pacific Northwest water damage to your home can be a real thing if the gutters are not draining the water away from your property. Gutters were put in place to collect the water from your roof and take it away.
If you didn’t have gutters, pools of water would collect around your foundation and that is never a good thing. What’s not good about gutters is that they catch all the debris from the surrounding trees, birds and roof particles. That debris then blocks the spouts (drains) and water doesn’t have anywhere to go, so it overflows from the gutter, then pools around your home.
Gutter cleaning can be simple if the gutters are in reach, but here in Portland some can reach 40 feet high. This is where you want to hire a professional gutter cleaning service. A good cleaner can spot the trouble spots and recommend solutions to prevent constant clogs. Homes that have large trees hanging over the house are recommended to install gutter guards. You can find those in your local hardware store and with labor it can cost between $300-$600.
That is not a permanent solution since debris still needs to be blown off of the gutter guards once every couple years and also some pieces need to be replaced after wear and tear. Another option people go with is Leaf Guard, which is on average 10 times more expensive (no joke).
If you hire a professional gutter cleaning service like the one Mr. Shine Window & Gutter Cleaning provides, you will always have your peace of mind that your gutters will work as well as the day they were installed. We clean all the debris by hand and bag it away. We then flush out the spouts to make sure they run properly. Sometimes, if the spout is severely clogged we have to take it apart and make sure we clear it of any debris stuck in there. We can also install drainers in your spouts to make sure they don’t clogged up until the next cleaning.
If you have any questions or need suggestions about your gutters, call us at 971-263-3039 and we’d be happy to help. We always get asked when is the best time to clean gutters… and I say it really depends on how much debris gets dropped from the trees on your property. If you have only a few trees, you can get the gutters cleaned once a year around December (after the autumn leaves have fallen). But, we have clients who we service 3 times a year since they have a lot of tall trees, which inevitably means more debris. It varies based on these factors.
Oleg and Anya
Mr. Shine