Cleaning Windows Yourself Like a Pro

Sunshine is always a great thing to see in Portland. But, when your windows are dirty, it ruins all the fun. We are here to give you some tips on how to get those windows shining again – and do it all like a pro. Best window cleaners out there know these tricks, and now so will you.
First, and foremost, never wash your windows in direct sunlight. When the window is too hot from the sun, it streaks easy and leaves dust particles glued to the glass. Either wait for a nice cloudy day or start on the part of the house that is in the shade and then follow the sun around the house.
Second, be aware of the tools you use. A squeegee is great but can be tricky if you don’t have the experience to use it. Mix a few drops of dish soap (we love Dawn) in to a water filled bottle sprayer and spray the window.  Scrub the window using a 0000 grade steel wool to loosen all the dirt and grime. Wipe the glass clean with a lint free 100% cotton rag. It will look beautiful!
Third, understand that there are a few differences when washing interior versus exterior windows. When cleaning the exterior windows, you’ll most likely need to use more water (since the exterior part of the glass is usually more dirty). What do you do about those higher windows? Well, if you have a ladder and you are not afraid of heights, you’re good to go. Otherwise, most upper story windows can actually be taken apart. When the window is open, the sliding frame can be pushed up and out from the window frame, giving you a chance to wash both sides freely.
For the windows that don’t open, use a long pole with a window cleaning mop to brush it clean with soap and then use your hose to spray it clean.
Regarding window tracks, they can be cleaned by spraying down with water and then wiping with off with a rag. You can also use a screwdriver with a cleaning cloth draped over it to get into the creases of the tracks.
Of course, if you don’t have the hours to spend on your windows, call a professional Portland window cleaning service and let us do the work. Here at Mr. Shine Window & Gutter Cleaning, we’d love to give you your weekend back and make your windows sparkle without you having to lift a finger (or squeegee). Anya can answer any questions you may have and quote pricing on your home in minutes. Call or text to (971) 263-3039 or email us at
Oleg and Anya Mamnev
Mr. Shine